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November, 2009

Transversing Time New lands Buckeyes Hot and cold

December, 2009

Blue Manipulated Sky Strobe test I Strobe test II Crane, trees Lenses A silhouette and a rose Running out of power Maggie's Miles There's a new editor-in-chief… Psuedo-film HDR Towson men’s basketball vs GWU I Men’s basketball vs GWU II A bottle of water, only HDR II Sprinkler Self Portrait Wrecked Snow HDR Optimistic ironing board Pencil sharpener I Woah, Christmas is coming Christmas Eve Christmas! Igloo I Piano I Piano II Shadows Coins I Igloo II

January, 2010

Woodward Fireplace Macro Geometric I Hawk Geometric II Typewriter I Typewriter II Nocturne I Nocturne II Miss Scarlet in the Lounge With the Wrench Coins II A Cup of Awesome Watching Recursion Brownies Cats One Small Success Completely Organized Wiring Homestar Wine Bottle Holder (Part II) Bubble Rain on the Window Vintage Tunes Women's Basketball vs. ODU Doc Finnegan Towson's Big Green Idea In Bloom Film Snow

February, 2010

Othello TU After Hours Nighttime Snow Branching Darkness Bicycle Othello Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow snOMG! Going Snowhere Snowing Again Snowing Again Singing for Charity Women's Basketball vs Northeastern Scramble Men's Basketball vs Georgia State Party in the U– er, Towerlight office Transversing Time (Part II) Noir Garage Footprints Uh Oh Volumetric Optimus Prime The Best Channel Cameras Graduate Runs for Office Gamecube Qwerty

March, 2010

TigerTHON TigerTHON Women's Basketball vs UDel 'Landscape of the Body' Paints Picture of American Life Aerial Dance Late Summer The Cat's Meow Picking Strawberries Eleven-Eleven-Eleven Professor The Towerlight Chalking It Up Assignment Board Strawberry Liquidity Paint Picking Strawberries FRC Chesapeake Regional From Prototype to Production Stop Motion Chasing Sunbeams Snowed In In Film Snowed In In Film (Part II) Paws Burger Challenge Refraction Planetarium Renovations Tennis vs. Coppin St Best Wishes to Dan and Michelle Circle Seventy-Eight Revolutions Per Minute Time and Time Again Pudding

April, 2010

The Tower Light Stevens Hall Woodward and Bernstein Two Cat Pictures In a Row? President’s Trophy Minor in Meteorology JPNS102 Child Prodigies to College Water Outage Men's Lacrosse vs UMBC Down Below The Lake Effect Glee Lefthandout Electrical Fire Double Down U.S. Senator Speaks On Health Care Operas Men's Lacrosse vs. Drexel Re-edit Re-edit II Softbox Re-edit III Springtime Bloom STAT Emergency Prep Drill Sustainability Music & Arts Fest These United Stripes Flashback Frozen in Time Stepping Outside the Box

May, 2010

Stepping Outside the Box (Part II) Frozen In Time, Cover Spring Football Game Spring Football Game (Part II) Baseball vs Hofstra Baseball vs Maryland Baseball vs Maryland (Part II) Improvisation Rugby Alumni Game Lighting Experiment 6400 ISO Om nom nom D300! Sunshower The Towerlight Gummy Bears mp3 On-Camera Ridiculousness Grime Sneakers Messy Flying Away Robin f/2.2 Intersection Union Chopsticks and Cheetos Pavilion at Lake Elkhorn Glen Swamped Floodlight

June, 2010

Honeysuckles Fly by Night Pavillion at Lake Elkhorn (Part II) Vintage Vintage II Vintage III Splash Splash II Splash III Shadows in the Spotlight Splash IV Natural Light Wind Once a Year Hiding Muppet Sunset Yawn Ever-Charging Antique Mechanical Flower 50mm 8mm Sunlight Contrast iPhone 4 "The Days are Just <i>Packed</i>" Micro-Microcassette Colored Pencils Crepuscular Dream On The Grill On the Grill (Part II) On the Grill (Part <strike>Three</strike> Delicious)

July, 2010

Bang! Hedgehog Greens of Summer Filés d’Étoiles Impromptu Website Launch Filés d’Étoiles II Stratego Stratego II Goldfinch Rain Rabbit Rabbit II On the Fence Silver Lining Bass Do You Mind? Mourning Dove Thunderstorm Greyson Summertime Bloom Frog Gone Fishing Grow “Come here often?” Catbird Butterfly Toad Screened Abstract Wasp

August, 2010

Delicious Not Cat Food Finch (?) Color-Shift Silver Lining II Summer Bloom II Sparrow Tools of the Trade Crabs (Part I) Crabs (Part II) Intermission Crabs (Part III) Crabs (Part IV) HDR Northern Flicker Summer’s End Feather At the Park Clean Desk Cat Fight College La Lune Tug O’ War House Men’s Soccer vs GWU You Hang Up hangs out at TU Audra Mae Men’s Soccer vs GWU Darius Jones Jazz Trio Freshman Convocation I Freshman Convocation II

September, 2010

Freshman Convocation III Welcome Carnival Portrait: Yaky Ibia Yaky Ibia (Part II) Volleyball vs Georgetown Smartphones Totalled Men’s Soccer vs UMBC Playing by ear, performing by heart Random Field Hockey vs Radford 5OT Header Back in the Game Men’s Soccer vs Longwood So Many Portraits… Fall Address Meh Major News: Deaf Studies and Forensic Chemistry Field Hockey vs Westchester Ramune Artificial The Definition of ‘Mouth-Watering’ Woodpecker Smoked Salmon Hammond High vs Reservoir Toy Slacklining Men’s Soccer vs JMU Sushi Fest ’10

October, 2010

Volleyball vs UMBC Comedian Loni Love Women’s Soccer vs JMU Doc Football vs UMass Football vs UMass II Today I Was a Paparazzi Lonely Doc Major News: Undecided Major f/40 Men’s Soccer vs Drexel Tilt Field Hockey vs Pacific Football vs JMU Swimming vs W&M Men’s Soccer vs GMU Pianist Christopher Dillon Autumn Pink Paw Prints Volleyball vs UDel TUPD Speed Trap Installed Volleyball vs UDel II Senior Rocks in Final Season Men’s Soccer vs Northeastern Homecoming Concert – B.o.B Homecoming Concert – B.o.B Homecoming Concert – B.o.B Halloween Senior grows from play abroad Football vs Rhode Island La Promesa Accident

November, 2010

Accordion Man Captures Ears Homecoming Pep Rally Accordian Man II Nighttime Long-Exposure Homecoming Pep Rally Football vs UDel Shadows Football vs UDel II Football vs UDel III Grace & Flow Grace & Flow II Grace & Flow III 300 Level Football vs Maine Football vs Maine II Women’s Basketball vs Coppin St. And There’s Still Nowhere To Park Men’s Basketball vs Coppin St. Under Construction Women’s Basketball vs Saint Francis Men’s Basketball vs Coppin St. Free Throw Highlighter Party Comedian Michael Palascak Smoke Orange Sushi Pondside I love food Homemade Cheesecake

December, 2010

:P Jazz Othello Men’s Basketball vs Western Michigan Men’s Basketball vs Western Michigan County Executive Inauguration Carmina Burana County Executive Inauguration II DC DC Tower C Fire Mens Basketball at GWU Mens Basketball at GWU II Light Trails By the Fire Frozen Frozen II Frozen III Fireplace Split-Tone 4×5 Bird (& Creative Title) Woodpecker Christmas Eve! Happy Christmas! Mourning Dove Water Tower I Wires Water Tower II Evening Light Sunset

January, 2011

Windshield HDR Untitled Untitled Untitled Carcassonne Untitled 4 Flyover Long Exposure Snow Bokeh Snow 3200 Fortunate Untitled South Shore Railroad South Shore Railroad II Frozen Ice Cell Phone Test Chickadee Sashimi Refraction Cat I Cat II Start of the Storm Opposites Snow Winter Gymnastics vs GWU Women’s Basketball vs JMU

February, 2011

CVP’s Campus Construction Breakfast Winter Landscape Ghost La Promesa Closed Women’s Basketball vs W&M Women’s Basketball vs W&M II Towson’s Most Eligible Fog Towerlight’s Most Eligible CFA Men’s Basketball vs. UNCW Men’s Basketball vs. UNCW Men’s Basketball vs. UNCW Umbrella Paws Burger Challenge Spring in Winter Reflection Basket Snow Men’s Basketball vs Loyola Portrait: Nick Caroselli Struggle for Civil Rights in Maryland Bike Abstract Industrial Battle of the Bands Men’s Basketball vs Drexel

March, 2011

Nameless Women’s Lacrosse at UMBC Women’s Lacrosse at UMBC Blue Sky Geometric JHU Lunch Library Reflection Blue Sky Grey Sky Baseball vs Navy Women’s Lacrosse vs JHU Men’s Lacrosse vs UMD New Letter Office Men’s Lacrosse vs UMD Blue Untitled Baseball vs Marist Cake Locked Registration Error Registration Error II Missed it by that much Registration Error III Patapsco State Park Reflection Patapsco State Park II Cascade Leaf Tilt-shift Fire Alarm Women’s Lacrosse vs UMD

April, 2011

Situation Normal Construction Smith Hall Othello Taste of Spring Generosity Dance Concert Gobbling hot dogs for a good cause Generosity Dance Concert II Late-night Tilt Floodlit Spring Night Spring Night Arun Gandhi Holi Festival of Colors Whoops Rock the Red Rain Holi Festival of Colors RENT II Squirrel Flow Spring Lifetime Commitment Korean Paper Making Yes, this is a Capitals gnome Baseball vs UMES Inner Harbor Inner Harbor

May, 2011

Inner Harbor Landing Glen Garage Car Fire Towsontown spring festival The clouds were beautiful today… Towsontown Spring Festival Women’s Lacrosse vs JMU Tigerfest 2011 – Lightning Tigerfest 2011 Tigerfest 2011 – Crowdsurfing Tigerfest 2011 – Far East Movement iii Soda-Blasting Tigerfest Lightning Tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson iv Hillen Rd. Passerby Puddle Library HDR Brick Brick Brick Brick Brick Stacks Sky Smith Hall Catflex Takeoff Graflex Graflex #3 Picture of pictures Graflex #9

June, 2011

B’more A Heron A Butterfly Graflex #13 Graflex #15 Graflex #16 Graflex #17 Things on Lines Another Heron Baby Goose Summer Night Metaphor To Laze Boards The (Anti)gravity of It All Black and White Nighttime Sky Lit Up Blur Graflex #19 Blur 2 Rain Silhouette Beacon Graflex #23 Division Wildlife Boats Upside-down Ceci n’est pas un ananas Borne back ceaselessly into the past

July, 2011

Reflection Blur 3 Untitled 4th Dragonfly Two-tone Dry Dragonfly Untitled Arrangement #2 Arrangement #2 Summer Arrangement #2 HDR Untitled Road Trip Woah Cashew On the Road Home Low Clouds Arrangement #2 1-Up Chaos Some Kind of Sunrise Skeleton Untitled Window Ohio

August, 2011

Disconnected Woodward Bloom Hiding Place Bernstein Strand While Biking Cat-omata Automata Bridge Untitled How many bikes fit on one bike rack Untitled Overpasses Stop Light I Stop Light II

October, 2011

Franciscan Monastery Scaffold Farm Lot Fog, Steam Bike in the City Charles St. Sky Long Shadows Sky Silhouette View Intersections Shadows, Reflected Reading

November, 2011

Steps Bus Stop Bikes and Silhouettes Commons Nighttime Scene Untitled Bounce

December, 2011

67259 67265 67270 CLA Self Portrait in a Disco Ball

January, 2012

Water Droplets I Water Droplets II Water Droplets III Weekend Project

February, 2012

Snow I Snow II Snow III Snow IV Waves

March, 2012

Steps Fog Dusk Above the Clouds Springtime I Springtime II Silhouette

April, 2012

Bike Psychology Building Flower, Pavement Burdick Umbrella Sky, Plane

June, 2012

Chimay Grande Réserve Beer Ratings Rocks Duck

July, 2012

13511 13517 13522 14376 13542 14386 13700 :P 14388 14363 14284 14472 13948

November, 2012

26813 Hummingbird

December, 2012

28360 28400 28324 28328 28315 28357 28314 28667

January, 2013


February, 2013


March, 2013

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April, 2013

06465 06479 I wonder if my site can handle animated gifs. 57035

May, 2013