I’m Chris.

I take pictures.

I’m the associate photo editor for my school newspaper, The Towerlight.

I also do a little bit of web design. I help out with The Towerlight’s website as the assistant online editor.

This blog started out as a test to learn about WordPress before helping the newspaper transition to a giant installation of it.

I didn’t see any reason why not to start a photoblog. Setting it up was an exercise in configuring and tinkering with WordPress. It soon turned into an exercise to see how long I could go posting a photo every single day. I never could find any reason to stop, and I hope I don’t any time soon.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’ve posted a photo every single day for 342 days. I’m trying right now to continue doing so unfailingly for at least a year.

When I hit a year, I’ll probably keep going. Maybe I’ll redesign the site. I have a couple rough ideas, but little time between the jobs I work and school and putting photos up every day.

I’ve done a couple of freelance jobs, but I’m primarily gaining experience through photojournalism for The Towerlight and my own random stuff. If you have something you’d like me to shoot, I might be able to find the time. You can reach me here.

I might add to this post later. Right now it just kinda ends. I’m sure I’ll find something else to say sometime.

Thanks for visiting this webplace!